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How To: Make Friends in Korea

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I love and advocate for solo travel, especially by millennials when at all possible, though one does have to recognize the unique barriers to entry that millennials, however, the hardest part of traveling alone is building a support system and a life that has meaningful relationships in it. Once the excitement wears off, being in Korea can be really tough if you don't make friends. Luckily for you, through trial error, I've learned some (almost) foolproof ways to make new friends while you are in Korea. While a few of these tips are generalizable, some of them are Korea-specific. Just remember if you're feeling really lonely, reach out to someone! You'll be surprised how compassionate people are, especially in your time …

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Myaia (pronounced my-uh) is an astrology lover, financial enthusiast, and music elitist. In her free time, she dreams about a life where she'll be able to own property and collect social security. She is determined to travel a whole bunch, become an OB/GYN and maybe have some fun in the process.
So, step right up to the sideshow that is this 20-something black Psychology and Math student taking on South Korea's 2nd largest city alone while trying to stay awake, fantasizing about Rihanna, creating natal charts, and fist-fighting depression in alleys.

Sleepy in Busan is all about the parts of travel no one likes to talk about- the money, the worry, the obstacles- and instead of hiding it, making it (*Tyra voice*) fashion. Busan is here to chronicle Myaia's own experiences in Busan, help other solo travelers organize their trips and show millennials getting up and finally doing what they want to do with their lives, living out their wildest dreams no matter how many detergent pods they are accused of eating!

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