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The Aftermath

I have been consistently dreading writing this for public consumption as I am certain if the Kpop stans get ahold of this I'll get videos of Twice dancing along with death threats. I will preface this by saying that if you feel the urge to fight or debate, fight or debate your mother. This is not an open forum. I am not free of the consequences of my words, but I am eternally free to ignore you.

That being said, Korea is the worst place I have ever traveled. As I have likely told many of you who have asked me in person, I would suggest going if you're white, if you're obsessed with the culture and its exports, or if you're going for 2 weeks or less.  Everyone else has been warned. I landed back in the United States on Sunday, June 30th, 2019, and approximately 206 days later, I am ready to talk about my 1 year in Korea.

The Flight Back So, I almost died. I'm starting here because this isn't really Korea's fault so much as my exhaustion because of Korea. So…

About Me

Myaia (pronounced my-uh) is an astrology lover, financial enthusiast, and music elitist. In her free time, she dreams about a life where she'll be able to own property and collect social security. She is determined to travel a whole bunch, become an OB/GYN and maybe have some fun in the process.
So, step right up to the sideshow that is this 20-something black Psychology and Math student taking on South Korea's 2nd largest city alone while trying to stay awake, fantasizing about Rihanna, creating natal charts, and fist-fighting depression in alleys.

Sleepy in Busan is all about the parts of travel no one likes to talk about- the money, the worry, the obstacles- and instead of hiding it, making it (*Tyra voice*) fashion. Busan is here to chronicle Myaia's own experiences in Busan, help other solo travelers organize their trips and show millennials getting up and finally doing what they want to do with their lives, living out their wildest dreams no matter how many detergent pods they are accused of eating!

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