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How To: Make Friends in Korea

Have you seen my last article? You can check it out here. As always, a large portion of your questions can be answered by going to my list of resources page here, or the contact page here. There are article-specific resources at the bottom of the page.

I love and advocate for solo travel, especially by millennials when at all possible, though one does have to recognize the unique barriers to entry that millennials, however, the hardest part of traveling alone is building a support system and a life that has meaningful relationships in it. Once the excitement wears off, being in Korea can be really tough if you don't make friends. Luckily for you, through trial error, I've learned some (almost) foolproof ways to make new friends while you are in Korea. While a few of these tips are generalizable, some of them are Korea-specific. Just remember if you're feeling really lonely, reach out to someone! You'll be surprised how compassionate people are, especially in your time …

The Travel Playlist

Hey Y'all,
At this time of uploading, I am flying from Chicago to Qingdao. I will be back to the regularly scheduled programming, but I just wanted to share my travel playlist with you all. It's a little mix of hopeful, nostalgic, tender, and excited that describes everything I want this trip to be. You can listen or follow it on Spotify here, it's my only public playlist other than my favorite K-Pop songs entitled "South Korea, Two Thousand Eighteen," which you can also follow even though it's only 11 songs deep so help me out with some bops. I'll have a few more logistical articles coming up before I see you for my first update from Korea.

Wish me Luck


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