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The Aftermath

I have been consistently dreading writing this for public consumption as I am certain if the Kpop stans get ahold of this I'll get videos of Twice dancing along with death threats. I will preface this by saying that if you feel the urge to fight or debate, fight or debate your mother. This is not an open forum. I am not free of the consequences of my words, but I am eternally free to ignore you. That being said, Korea is the worst place I have ever traveled. As I have likely told many of you who have asked me in person, I would suggest going if you're white, if you're obsessed with the culture and its exports, or if you're going for 2 weeks or less.  Everyone else has been warned. I landed back in the United States on Sunday, June 30th, 2019, and approximately 206 days later, I am ready to talk about my 1 year in Korea. The Flight Back So, I almost died. I'm starting here because this isn't really  Korea's fault so much as my exhaustion because of Ko

A Letter (Of Sorts): New Page

Greetings All,

   Here at "Sleepy in Busan," the goal, as simply as possible, is to just inform and help others. We seek to make travel planning and logistics more accessible for everyone, while also being able to empathize with the experiences folks face while navigating the international travel arena. Sometimes you just need to know where to start or where to go. Sometimes you just need a little guidance from those who have done it before. If you have ever wanted to know exactly where to start in your study abroad or international relocation journey, boy do I have a treat for you.
   I would like to introduce you to the newly published "Ultimate Resource List," a page that combines everything you didn't even know you needed to know about your trip overseas. This list includes how to get a year's supply of your medication, what to pack, how to learn a new language and so much more logistical information, all sectioned off into appropriate categories of helpful links. Better yet, I have personally used or applied information from almost every link I provide, so you know that they are tried and true.
   You can check out the new page here or click the "The Ultimate Resources List" in the sidebar on the left of your screen. Please feel free to provide feedback regarding any other links or resources you think would be particularly helpful for the readers of this site in the comments below or at
   Hopefully, this is the beginning of making your trips just a little bit easier.